Monday, April 10, 2006

Start Of The End

May 1 2006 Start Of The Mission

Thursday, March 16, 2006

We are all Kurds

Mahsun KIRMIZIGÜL, the topselling artist in Turkey is a Kurd. The president of Iraq is a Kurd. We have now a united goverment in one of our free parts of Kurdistan, Hawler.From Amed to Kerkuk and Mahabad to Qamishlo, it's all Kurdish territory and were about to get it all back.

We unite with the Kurds in North-Kurdistan, We unite with the Kurds in South-Kurdistan. We unite with the Kurds in West-and East-Kurdistan. The people will be united in the coming years.

We want Zakaria in Mahabad, Amed and Qamishlo. We want to be part of the Great United Kurdistan. We have our flag, we have our land, we have our voice, we have our Culture, so we don't need Arab, Turkish and Persian Cultures.

Last week, a Member of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, called a International Persian TV channel (Channel 1). He asked (on purpose) Mr.Pars whether the Kurds had a own flag. The answer to that his question was:" No! Kurds do not have a Flag!, They have no flag, We all have one flag! The Perisan flag! And in a free Iran, post-Islamic Republic, they will have the same flag!

This is a example of how undereducated our enemies are. This is a person who Predicts Democracy in Iran. What can we expect from a free Iran? What can we expect from a free Turkey? what can we expect from a free Iraq? Ask Mr.Al-Jaaifri about the Kirkuk issue, you get interesting answers.

I have an answer to the Kurdish issue. Democracy within our own independent borders.

Monday, March 06, 2006

Should the Kurds stay in Bagdad?

I think the leaders of the Kurdistan alliance do not listen to the people of Kurdistan. The people of Kurdistan do not want a Prime Minister who has not done anything in past years for the issue of Kirkuk (artikel 58). Kurds want Kirkuk as their capital.

In democracies the elected party's will perform what the majority of the voters want them to perform. In this case every Kurd wants the Kurdish alliance to take a hard stance on the issue of Kirkuk.

It is our own leaders who do not act effectively in Bagdad and by being so people like Ja’afari take advantage of our leadership.

I think the people of Kurdistan must determine their own future and the Kurdish alliance must take a harder stance on all Kurdish issues. And the Kurdish people must ask themselves: Do we want to stay in Bagdad or call out independence.

Thank you,

Awat Dilshad – Eastern Kurdistan


Sunday, March 05, 2006

Military attack

A Economic friendship between India and America, Dubai will own some of America's Ports. President Bush in Afghanistan, French President chak chirac in Saudi-Arabia. U.S goverment financing Iranian opposition groups and media.How can the world be more clear to the Iranian people?

People talk about the possibility of a military attack on Iran while all the preparations are ready.Iran is surrounded by U.S Army. The world is not afraid for Iran's Oil War and soon we all see the mulla's in the International court.

Let one thing be clear. The worlds does not want a Nuclear Iran. Economic sanctions?, not likely. Further diplomacy? not likely. Another revolution? unlikely and the world prevends that. The only and last solution in this issue is:

A Military attack.

The opposition groups are ready, the world is ready and the People are ready.

The Poll

Dear brothers and sisters,

last week I published a Poll asking the People of Iran, Persians, Kurds, Arabs, Beluchi, Azeri, and lors about the fate of Iran after the fall of the Islamic Republic.

Realists know that the end of tyranny of the Mulla's is near and we must form a democratic goverment in a post-Mulla Iran.

unfortunatelly, at the moment I have not enough viewers to get a good impression on tomorrow's future.

In the near future I will publish another poll when we have anough viewers.

Yours faithfully,

Awat Dilshad

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Predictions of the year 2006

- America and Israel strike Nuclear sites in Persia

- The people of Persia will stand up

- The prince will be elected as the prime minister of Persia

- a civil war between sunnies and shia will erupt

- The second Kurdish Republic in history will be established in Hewler
(the First was in Mahabad in 1946)

The bombing of the Sammara Mosque

Days after the bombing of the holly Samarra Mosque, Iraq is very close to a civil war.
It is not important why the mosque's was the target of this evil act but who was behind this criminal act.

To answer this question, we must ask our self:" who would benefit from this act?"
Is it America? no, Is it Israel, no and it's certainly not Iraq. Only two groups are left, the terrorists in Iran and the fascist Turks in Turkey. America and Europe must demand a full democratic Turkey, and a federal state for the Kurds in Turkey, and get the Turks in Europe. I think Europe is not clear in their message to the Turks. They have to be more specific and resolve the Kurdish issue.

The Turks want Kirkuk, and the oil of Kurdistan, to accomplish this they want to create a unstable Iraq, like the mulla's in Iran.

I don't think it's Al-Qaide, their point is to get the Americans out of Iraq and the Mid-East and the distruction of Israel and America, and to kill innocent people. I don't think Al-Qaida Wants to dominate Iraq.

It is Iran, the Shia clerics who dominate Iran, and see themself weakening in Iran, they want to gain more ground, more strenght, they can't fool the Iranian anymore. They want to dominate Iraq, and slowly become a world power. A Nuke on the way, and the domination of Iraq is what they have on the agenda as the most important priority.

Iran must be America's most important priority, and with just pressure and sanctions can not stop Iran from being a world power. Cancer must be exterminated before getting into other areas.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

The War on Iran

" One day we want to be one of the closest Allies of the people of Iran" President Bush, State of the Union Speech, 2006.
This is a message the President of the united states of America sent to the Iranian People. The people of Iran do not understand that message nor do they understand another message sent by President Bush;
" We as American's support the Iranian people as they stand up for their freedom"
" Tonight let me directly speak to the Iranian people"
There is a clear message in these words, some Iranian people not yet have understood.
Iran is not just Persian people and Shia's. Right now more than 10 million Kurds live in West-Iran (Eastern Kurdistan) and it is also home to millions of Ethnic Arabs (Khuzestan) and Azari's.
The word of the State of the Union speech echoe in my mind as I see people being tortured, hanged, raped and gunned down in Iran. The Iranian people must stand up for their own rights, and not just waith for help from other countries. This is something that lays in the hand of the Iranian people. It is clearly America wants to prevent another war.
" We support a diplomatic solotion for the Iranian nuclear issue" Dr. Condoleezza Rice
But why is the American president giving hope to people who stand up for their right and get no attention at all. Why does not a single media source cover the situation in Iranian Kurdistan and Khuzestan? The war on Iran does not need a justification. America and Israel and the Kurdish Goverment in Arbil must take action as soon as possible.
The world must now be united and act as one. We do not want another Hiroshima or Halapja. A nuclear Iran is a worst possible nightmare for the people of Iran and the rest of the world.

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